Thursday, September 2, 2010 has been a while since I've been here. Right now I am watching a Discovery Documentary about Dade County Jail. I've never gotten into watching those prime time shows (Glee, True Blood etc.). It's either Discovery channel, National Geographic or the Learning Channel. Still working at the same place, doing the same thing. Either time for a vacation or time to move on. I think it's the latter. I work with the most annoying people on Earth. Too bad we can't just express our anger. The worst thing about that place is that people get all up in your business. If I wanted someone to know something, I will tell them. I'm afraid one of these days I'm just going to snap, like one of those postal workers bringing their AK to work and mowing everyone down. It is really time to move on!!!

My grandparent's wedding anniversary (dad's side) is coming up and I'm trying to get in shape. I bought this cute dress at Macy's. It was on sale for $35. Even though I like to go shopping I still have to watch it and not spend too much. I think I spend when I'm bored. I'm seeing results, little changes to my body everyday. Eventhough the scale seems to be stuck at 115 lbs, I notice more definition to my arms and abs. Trying to fight looking like a "Bird Lady," the body type that my mother and grandmother have (flabby arms/big stomach). The flabby arm thing is a genetic predisposition that I'm working hard to fight. Those two do not work out so maybe I have a chance. The upper part of my grandmother's arms is the same size as her wrists - all the way down and she hides it by wearing long sleeve blouses.

This summer has been filled with various social events mainly with family. I'm invited to a coworker's wedding next week & I'm going to try to ditch that early. She did not invite everyone, just the ones she likes. If I ever got married, I am not inviting any of my coworkers. I don't want to offend anyone by inviting some and not others. Then there's the cost. There's really no need for everyone at work to know my personal business anyway.

I've been taking hula lessons every Saturday. Learning so much. Need to loosen my hips though.

I suspect that a person at work has a bit of a crush on me. Damn, why can't it be someone cute? We've hung out a few times, maybe he got the wrong idea. He keeps posting these creepy things on his FB page. He's way too young, more than 20 lbs overweight and no education. Call me shallow, but I do not find a guy who is more than 20+ lbs overweight attractive. He's a nice kid, but NO. Then.... there's this other guy that my friend is trying to get me together with. They're trying to hook him up with someone because everyone in their group of friends is married. So it won't be awkward. This guy is gross. I think I'd rather turn gay. She says but "he's really a nice guy" and "look past the exterior." The truth is, the exterior counts. There are lots of "nice guys," that is not all it takes.

I'd rather be alone than knowing I just "settled." I'd be wasting my time and their time when they can be with someone who will love them for who they are.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


So far: $29,470.04. I plan to have 40,000 by the end of this year for the house fund. I am getting closer. I renewed my lease in February for 14 months. They said they would do it for 1250.00 if I renew for 14 months. So I have about +/-10 months to save.

I haven't been going out/shopping - nothing. I think this sacrifice will be worth it.

I love I just recently set up an account. I get to see all my accounts, assets, budget all in one page. Helps me stay on track.

Other than that, nothing else new. Been reading, working out, maintaining social connections. Had to cut my idiot mother out of my life. So now 2/4 kids are not talking to her. We are really better off. It is unfortunate that we do not get to choose who makes us.
I went to my nieces' birthday party last week. When I parked my car I saw her drive up in her car to drop my sister off. If I had known that my brother invited her I never would have come. I was like, please just drop her off and go your merry way. I would have just left the presents and went home, I would not hang around if she is there. She dropped my sister off and left. Thank god. She had my step sister N in the car and I think she saw me. I wanted to wait until they left, I want nothing more to do with that woman.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Let the consumer BEWARE!!!

Just wanted to warn people about this company, Inkubook (Indianapolis IN). It's a photobook publishing service. If anyone has any problems using this service... good luck!!!


I spent hours working on a book for my vacation photos and I never received it! Contacted customer support via email to see what happened. Supposedly they shipped it via UPS and someone at the receiving end "refused" the package. Huh??? All I had to do on my end was provide a credit card # and correct shipping address (I checked it 100X). I checked UPS tracking and it showed that it was shipped to a different city. It if it was delivered HERE, UPS would show MY CITY under tracking details. That's how it's always been for any UPS deliveries I've had, I've never had any problems with UPS. I told them and was told that it was "not their fault." After multiple email exchanges, I asked for them to either reship the item or give me a refund and they refused. Their customer support person (I think it was only one person answering my emails -someone named "Craig Price") told me that it was "impossible" to reship the item. He didn't even explain why.

They (he) kept trying to push another coupon on me so I would have to buy a new book. I was already charged $65 for the book I didn't have, and they expected me to spend another $30 to make a new book? Do they think I can just throw away $65???? I was not very happy and this person answering the emails was rude and sarcastic. When I asked if they can waive the fee for a new book he answered: "Maybe I didn't explain the coupon well enough..." I could never get away with treating a customer like that, that is just unacceptable!

If I'm spending that much of my hard earned money I deserve better! I am telling everyone!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Wow, I can't believe it's been a year since I started this thing. I guess I'll have to make new entries to this neglected thing. Sometimes I just don't feel like it.

The Holidays were spent with the grandparents again. Got $50, a scarf, socks, perfume and this big picture frame thing. I just don't feel like blogging right now. My body is all tight from working out. And it's cold.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trying to be frugal....

Gas is now down to $1.99/gal. I just filled up & it only cost $17 for 8 gallons. I love my Honda Civic. I usually fill once every two weeks. My last fill was last Sunday. Last week I drove an hour away to a family gathering on Thanksgiving. The next day drove another hour to San Gabriel to pick up my bridesmaid dress. I usually don’t drive anywhere else but to work and that’s less than 10 minutes away, so sometimes I can make a tank of gas last 3 weeks.

Times are tough all around. So now we are *officially* in a recession (the denial is over) and the governor declared a fiscal crisis. Too boost savings (my bottom line), things need to be cut.

  • The landline phone – I haven’t used it, I rely on my cell phone. I should cancel it and just pay for the internet. Last time I called and tried to cancel my landline, they talked me into keeping it “for emergencies” and for “back up.” I haven’t had a need for it; my cell phone is reliable enough. You can still dial 911 from a cell phone, even if there is no service. So I’ll be saving $40 a month.

  • Reduce Direct TV bill – This one I can’t cut out but I can reduce. I’ll look to see if they have less expensive package.

  • Less cafeteria meals at work. I’ll start bringing my food more often.

  • Find cheaper car insurance.

I don’t know what else I can cut. I think I’m doing everything I can already.

  • I don’t shop that often for new stuff. If I need (or want) something I find a coupon for it or wait until it goes on sale. And before I buy, I research it do death online.

  • Only spend $40 for groceries. Go shopping once every 2 weeks. It’s just me here, I don’t have anyone else to feed.

  • If people ask me to take home left overs (Thanksgiving), I do it.

  • I’m always home, I very seldom go out. The last time I went out with friends was when I had my birthday dinner in October.

  • Don’t go to the movies. The last movie I saw was “Lakeview Terrace,” & my friend treated me to that one for my birthday.

  • Watch movies at home. I have Netflix. All the movies that come out, I wait to see on Netflix. I guess I could cut this one also. I have my account on hold for now – because there aren’t any DVD’s out that I want to see.

  • Borrow books from the library. I don’t buy books anymore.

  • Do surveys online - $5-10 or maybe $50 here and there, which go to my house fund.

  • Do My Points - Get $10 - $25 gift certificates. Got a $10 gift certificate last month for CVS, used it to pay for my prescription.

  • Bare minimum on my cell phone. I don’t have a fancy phone, it only does what it’s meant for – which is to make calls. No internet on it. I don’t do text messaging. I canceled it because people were leaving me annoying messages (guys & relatives asking to borrow money).

  • Conserve electricity. Turn lights off when I’m not it the room. Unplug everything. Try to keep the bill less than $20/month (for a 1 bdrm apt).

  • Use water that leaks out of the faucet while taking a shower to water the plants. Also save the water that’s coming out while waiting for the water to get warm.

  • Laundry every 2 weeks (or more). Try to wear clothes more than twice if they’re not really dirty/stinky. Hand wash uniforms in between.

  • Don’t buy paper towels among other things. There are lots of things I don’t buy anymore.

  • Free sampling online. I’ve received shampoo, soap, tampons, razors, deodorant, etc.

  • Make everything last. I try to put the purchase date on bottles of shampoo, dish soap, etc to see how long I can make them last.

  • Can’t even remember the last time I had my hair cut/colored. I think it was September. I will try to stretch this out every 6 months. A good idea would be to find a beauty school nearby, they always need heads to practice on.

  • Online banking with high yield savings account & CD’s. Better than getting a return of .009% at the bank.

  • Pay bills online, saves stamps.

  • Do not turn the heater on unless it’s freezing cold. I just put a sweater on. Same thing with the ac, unless it gets unbearably hot. Good thing I live near the beach, the highest it gets here is 87 degrees & there’s always a breeze. I just open the window.

That’s it. That’s all I can think of for now.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Single Blessedness [LOL!!!]

I am seething right now. I am so angry. I wish someone would give five dollars for every stupid thing anyone says to me. Then I can cut my work hours to part time and have a down payment for a house.

I’ve been on vacation this past week. It was nice, but too short. The last Friday 10/10, I went to San Gabriel to have my dress altered and I got to hang out with my friend, the bride. That Saturday, I went to a baby shower. On Sunday I went to J’s "wedding celebration." I got the e-vite to the wedding only 2 weeks before because she just found out she was 3 months pregnant. They got married 9/27 at a Riverside courthouse and this was like their reception/celebration brunch. So the first weekend of my vacation was busy.

Monday 10/13 – Thursday 10/16, I just chilled at home. Got to work out and spend time with the bf. My birthday was on Friday 10/17. I went out to dinner with J and N at Chateau Brodard. Got a few calls and email greetings which was nice. This was part of an email from my grandmother:

Many Happy Returns on your birthday. Seems you are
enjoying your Single Blessedness!

It's okey, after age 31 there's still lots of
years till 100 to decide when to settle "for good or not".

My single blessedness???? WTF? What does religion have to do with it? Does she now see me as some kind of Blessed Virgin Mary? Is she having blessed virgin fantasies about me??? I’m suddenly getting pressure from all sides. I am 31 – by this age, according to these people, I should be married with 5 screaming kids. Whether I want them or not. That’s all I ever hear from them these days. To them, the main objective in life of any woman is to get married and make babies. To some, that may be their whole life - and that's fine - but I know there is more to life than that. I want more. I expect more.

At my sister in law’s baby shower, I was approached by my aunt who asked me if I wanted to have a baby. I just told her “no.” She just sat there, looking at me with this dumb look on her face and psychotic smile. She didn’t say anything else.

Saturday, I hung out with C. I went with her to her coworker’s engagement party. She didn’t want to go by herself because there was a guy at the party who this friend is trying to set her up with. She was embarrassed & wanted to leave early. After that we did some shopping at Victoria Gardens and saw “Lakeview Terrace.”

After that I went to my mom’s since I was in the area – they have been begging me to visit. There is a REASON why I do not visit. The whole time I’m there I’m barraged with comments about marriage and babies, marriage and babies, marriage and babies…it was just constant. I’m there to spend quality time with her and my sister – who just had kidney stone surgery on Saturday and that’s all she does.

We were having lunch today – her, the new husband and me, & in the conversation I mentioned that I wanted my life to be simple. Then she makes this flippant comment that really sends me over the edge: “that’s why she doesn’t want to get married” – something like that. I was like, that’s it you biotch – that was the final straw. I have had enough. I came back with: you don’t know anything, I never said that & who are you to judge when your own life sucks! It sounded even worse coming out of my mouth in my language, I had enough venom bottled up inside me to kill a horse. I could have gone off and really let her have it. But that was all I said and nothing more. She tried to brush it off like it was nothing, saying “oh she just attacked me hahaha,” in front of her husband. But later on the smile came off her face, she changed the subject but I can tell – I got her. I just left without saying goodbye this afternoon, I was very upset.

I’m glad I stood up for myself. Sometimes people need a slap or a shake to get them to stop their obnoxious behavior. She better seriously consider it or I’ll be one more person on the list of people who refuses to speak to her.

If I don’t get an apology that’s okay. I’ll just cut her off too. She’s got issues. When I’m there she probably thinks I’m just rubbing my freedom and independence in her face. It’s sad if she doesn’t know what she just did was insensitive, ignorant and stupid. This does not feel like unconditional love.

So….I don’t get it. I’m happy. I have everything I want. I’m not hurting anyone. Yet these people act like I have some kind of disease or problem. I wish people would just leave my blessed @ss the f- alone!!!!